Application Guidelines

Procidic2 is optimally used as a part of a multi-product integrated solution.  Call urban-gro for application and accompanying product recommendations. You can review the MSDS sheet here

  • Always conduct a compatibility test prior to mixing with any other fertilizers, surfactants, or pesticides, unless your own, individual previous experience has shown the mixture combination to be non-phytotoxic, physically compatible, and efficacious for your crop under your personal conditions of use
  • Observe all directions for use, precautions, use rates, crops and crop sites, dilution ratios, and limitations on Procidic² label
  • Procidic² is absorbed systemically through the stem, leaves and root system. When disease pressure is present Procidic applications must reach live, green leaves
  • All described General Use Instructions, Directions For Use, Mixing Instructions, and Application Procedures are applicable solely to the use, and application of Procidic². Buyer assumes all risk of the mixture of Procidic² with any other product
  • Procidic² is most effective when used at the first sign of disease or as a preventative
  • Procidic² requires quality water free of contaminants and organic matter, a pH of 5.5-6.0 and a low salt concentration
  • No re-entry period required (0-hr REI)
  • No maximum number of spray applications per growing season
  • When disease pressure is high, use higher rate and shorter spray interval
  • Do not mix with salt-based or high-alkali reaction products
  • Avoid using chlorinated water
  • Avoid spraying when rain is expected
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with crops after treatment
  • May be applied via all common application methods